History under sail: 性世界传媒 students train on Lettie G. Howard

Assistant Professor Ben Scharff on the Falgship Niagara

For any 性世界传媒 University student who has ever dreamed of being under sail on the Great Lakes; yearned to travel back in time; to experience history on its own terms; the time is now. 性世界传媒 is partnering with the Flagship Niagara League this summer to offer its students the journey of a lifetime.

Beginning May 20, eight 性世界传媒 students will board the Schooner Lettie G. Howard, where they will live for two-and-a-half weeks and be trained by professional crew members in traditional seafaring skills. The Lettie G. Howard is the sole surviving example of a Georges Bank fishing schooner and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989.听

Although their journey starts and ends in Erie, the students will sail on voyages to major maritime museums and monuments of Lake Erie. 性世界传媒 History Associate Professor Dr. Ben Scharff introduced the three-credit maritime history course six years ago, anticipating it would thrive as an annual summer learning experience.听

鈥溞允澜绱 is committed to collaborating with the Flagship Niagara League and its mission to sail tall ships in and for Erie,鈥 Scharff said. 鈥淭his will be the kickoff sail for 鈥楾he Lettie鈥檚鈥 day sailing program this summer and we are excited to lead the way.鈥 听

Alethea Gaarden, instructor of English, and Dr. Chris Dolanc, associate professor, Biology Department, are the faculty representatives on the trip. 听
Besides lessons in seamanship and maritime history, students will acquire a deeper understanding of the seafaring culture. They鈥檒l learn sailing terminology, physical skills, familiarity with the ship, and the social structure of shipboard life.听

They鈥檒l experience the romantic: skimming over the waves with creamy sails billowing overhead; and the ordinary: doing dishes and mopping the deck.

The sailors are slated to depart mid-morning from Erie鈥檚 bayfront on Monday, May 20.听

FILE PHOTO: Dr. Ben Scharff is seen taking part in a previous summer sailing excursion.